About the album Heart in a Golden Cup:

"In an album that’s two-parts Patsy Cline, one-part Beach House, Clemens weaves a haunting neo-folk tapestry of love, loss and longing. When she sings, Clemens channels medieval spirits with a rich, earthy tone that bends itself ethereally, the way water bends an image.

Ghosts seem to wander through one song to the next on the controlled quiver of Clemens’ voice. Heart in a Golden Cup sounds as if it were recorded in a holy space, an ancient forest or medieval cathedral.

Subtle, echoing vocals cast melodic shadows throughout the album. The poetry of Clemens’ lyrics and the beauty of her voice, accompanied by a simple, steady guitar, are at the heart of this album.

Heart is rich with literary allusion and romanticism. Clemens’ ballads linger in the natural and emotional realms, recalling mythology and fable, as well as imagery you’d likely find in Milton, Brontë, Blake and Keats: a lonely nightingale, gods and demons, gardens, and forest clearings."

- Alaina Janack,
Seven Days
Heart in a Golden Cup

Heart in a Golden Cup

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